Art of Conquest – CBT Apk for Android Terbaru

Art of Conquest - CBT

Download Art of Conquest - CBT v1.13 for Android Terbaru merupakan salah satu game khusus buat hp Android maupun Tablet yang berkategori Strategy yang nantinya kamu akan bertarung di pertempuran yang besar dan bekerjasama dengan para prajuritmu. Game Art of Conquest - CBT Apk ini kamu diharuskan untuk mengatur pasukanmu dengan hati - hati dan bangunlan benteng pertahanan yang kuat Tingkatkan kemampuan khusus Heroes mu dan juga kekuatan pasukan kamu di pohon teknologi.

Game Art of Conquest - CBT Terbaru ini terdapat lebih dari 100 jenis unit dari 5 ras unik, musuh dari 6 kerajaan dan bos hebat untuk diperjuangkan yang dapat kamu temukan di Game Art of Conquest - CBT for Android ini.

Nahhh daripada penasaran langsung saja Download Art of Conquest - CBT v1.13 Apk for Android yang terdapat pada link di bawah artikel ini.

Art of Conquest - CBT Apk
Art of Conquest - CBT Terbaru


  • Unlike other strategy games, Art of Conquest gives you REAL BATTLE, REAL CONTROL
  • Engage in large-scale strategic battles with more than 500 units on the screen
  • Choose from three playable races: Humans, Lich, or Dwarves (and more to come!)
  • 18 heroes each with unique skills and properties, recruit or battle against more than 100 different units
  • Test your skills in huge BOSS-FIGHTS
  • Real-time PVP Battles against players worldwide, meet allies and enemies as you uncover new lands
  • Challenge thousands of players around the globe in your quest to secure resources and expand your territory
  • Besiege other player’s cities with catapults and other war machines
  • A vivid and expansive magical world to explore and occupy
  • Challenge your friends to thrilling real-time duels
  • Command hundreds of individual troops on a single breathtaking field of battle
  • Summon dozens of mythical heroes, each endowed with powerful abilities
  • Choose from five mighty races to raise your army
  • Build your stronghold and besiege the enemy
  • Six embittered kingdoms strive to survive
  • Explore the beautiful, hand-crafted world of Nore
  • Defeat evil bosses and loot unfathomable rewards
Informasi Game
  • Nama : Art of Conquest - CBT
  • Version : 1.13
  • Kategori : Strategy

Art of Conquest - CBT Apk for Android Terbaru

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